How to Cook the PERFECT Kerala Parotta ft. Anna Ben | Menu Please | Netflix India

Best Indian SeriesJuly 26, 2020

Ever wondered how to make a perfect, mouth-watering, fluffy Kerala Parotta? ?
Look no further! You’re in the right place. Anna Ben is juuuust about to break down the process for our host, Nikhil Kini.

Kapella, featuring Anna Ben & Roshan Mathew, is the story of a romance that begins over the phone between two people that have never met before. Will their love survive?

Catch more candid conversations over yummy food on Menu Please, exclusively on Netflix India’s YouTube Channel, along with Kapella, now streaming on Netflix.

Menu Please:
Director- Sumedh Natu
Producer- Ayesha Anna Ninan
Line Producer- Rakenth Pai
Editor- Aishwarya K
Post Production- Blip Studio

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