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Best Indian SeriesJuly 19, 2020

Join Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram & our host Nikhil Kini as they try the MOST delectable North-East Indian delicacies.

They discuss pungent smells, puchkas, carrying a handy bottle of green chilli, and so much more!
Will Nikhil Kini be able to handle the extremely spicy Bhut Jolokia?

The dishes we tried:
1. Pork with Dry Bamboo Shoot (Nagaland)
2. Smoked Pork with Axone (Nagaland)
3. Karela (Bitter Gourd) with Black Sesame (Meghalaya)
4. Eromba (Manipur)
5. King Chilli Chutney
6. Pork Liver Chutney

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Menu Please:
Director- Sumedh Natu
Producer- Ayesha Anna Ninan
DoP- Arya Chakraborty
Editor- Aishwarya K
Post Production- Blip Studio

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