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Best Indian SeriesJune 22, 2020

Kicking off My Film Milestone, a brand unusual property the set we originate a deep dive with an actor on a landmark performance in their profession. First up, we now maintain Saif Ali Khan for his terrific portrayal of Langda Tyagi in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. The actor speaks candidly about experiences from the pronounce, being requested to shave his head and originate a scene nude, and the impact this film had on his profession.

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10 Hindi Songs That Deserved Better Films:

1: 48 – Saif on making ready for the persona of Omkara
5: 10 – Saif on Vishal Bharadwaj asking him to shave his head for Omkara
8: 34 – Saif on being first of actors to diminish hair on conceal
10: 19 – Saif on rehearsing and dwelling the persona
12: 04 – Saif on getting attention-grabbing performances through repetition
13: 03 – Saif on Aamir Khan being supplied the feature of Langda Tyagi
14: 10 – Saif on him being known as “Khan Saab”
16: 38 – Saif on capturing the Baahubali scene in Omkara
19: 08 – Saif on Vishal Bharadwaj asking him to originate a scene being bare
21: 18 – Saif on rumor’s of accurate gangsters coming to kidnap while capturing
23: 10 – Saif on reaching the pronounce in 20 minutes from the resort
24: 04 – Saif on the enjoyment while capturing Omkara
25: 43 – Saif on the language of Omkara
27: 35 – Saif on easing the dialect of the film
28: 41 – Saif on capturing for “Beedi Jalaile”
30: 40 – Saif on the waist band scene
33: 58 – Saif on the reviews of Omkara
35: 07 – Saif on Omkara now not running at the Box Command of job
36: 45 – Saif on taking part in completely different characters
37: 43 – Saif on the enjoyment while taking part in “Langa Tyagi”
38: 50 – Saif on seeing Omkara now not too long ago
39: 26 – Saif on his favourite scene from Omkara

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