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Best Indian SeriesJune 28, 2020

Next up on our new weekly series Sunday Showcase is Malota.

Malota is a story of Gulab who, like any other child of his age, is full of mischief and innocence at the same time. Gulab bunks school only to escape the thrashing from a strict mathematics teacher as the day prior, the teacher had announced a test in the class but Gulab couldn’t study as he, along with his friends, got busy to gather Malota (A process where the kids go door to door to collect food and milk for new born puppies and their mother). Fear paves the way for Gulab to do things he has never done before.

Let us know in the comments below on what you think of the film! And stay tuned to our channel every Sunday for a new Short Film recommended by Rahul Desai.

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Mother | Geeta
Father | Vishal Dahiya


Director | Krishan Hooda
Cinematographer | Shelly Sharma
Editor | Sanjay Ingle

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