@Tanmay Bhat & Vikrant Massey: What Happens After We Die? | Cargo | Netflix India

Tanmay Bhat & Vikrant Massey spiral down an existential loop to ask: What happens after we die?

Prahastha, a rakshasa, knows the answer. He ‘recycles’ people after death. But will his everyday ‘desk job’ help him understand an even more important question – the meaning of life?

Catch Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi on a roller coaster ride called Cargo, now streaming only on Netflix.

Editor: Siddharth Gupta

00:00 Welcome!
00:44 We’re so confused…
01:54 Mirzapur
02:24 Of Thermocol and Actors
3:45 What Vikrant thinks about the Afterlife
4:35 Afterlife Theory 1: The Pessimist Theory
5:43 The Theory From The Movie Beetlejuice
6:45 The Pharaohs’ Theory
7:57 The Stranger Things Theory
8:45 The Rastas’ Theory
9:25 The “Diyu” Theory
10:15 The Theory That Would Fail A Creative Writing Exam
11:42 The Comments Section Theory
12:18 The Theory from The Good Place
13:03 The Theory from Cargo
14:37 The Bestest part of the video
15:09 More Netflix!

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