The BEST Dosa In Bangalore | Part 2 | Kanan Gill & Kenny Sebastian | Menu Please | Netflix India

Best Indian SeriesMay 31, 2020

In this two-part series, Nikhil Kini goes on an adventure with Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian to finally decide which is the BEST Dosa in Bangalore (not sure if choosing one is even possible). They discuss their lives in Mumbai and how it compares to Bangalore, their journey as stand-up comedians and a lot more!

4 Dosas, 4 restaurants: sounds like a normal day for these Bangalorean boys.

Catch Kanan Gill’s latest stand-up special, ‘Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill’ and Kenny Sebastian’s ‘The Most Interesting Person In The Room’, now streaming only on Netflix.

Menu Please:
Director – Sumedh Natu
Producer – Ayesha Anna Ninan
DoP – Saiyam Wakchuare
Camera op – Swaraj Sriwastav
Assistant Director – Esha Gavandi
Line Producers – Dyna D’Souza, Neil Quadras (Capture Crew Productions)
Editor – Aishwarya K
Post Production – Blip Studio

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