Before I Met You – Thriller Short Film

BestIndianSeriesMay 5, 2020

Gautam is spending time with his friends drinking when he hears his friend talk about a murder case, a murder case that reminds Gautam about his past. Gautam was accused of the murder of his girlfriend and his best friend, the police officer interrogating the case strongly believes that it was Gautam who did it. The officer asks Gautam to narrate his love story, the story introduces Gautam’s love interest and his best friend. Gautam manages to get out on bail as there is no solid evidence against him. The plot thickens when Gautam narrates two different flashback versions, one to the officer and the other after he gets out on bail, in the second version he finds his girlfriend in an intimate position with his best friend and kills them. In an exciting turn of events, Gautam says that he is not sure whether he killed them or not.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Vinay VL
Producer: Vinay VL
Writer: Vinay VL
Editor: Sanath Sugathan
Music: Mukesh Muralidharan
Cinematographer: Sarath Velikkadan
Actor:Gautam – Hemanth Sreekumar, Rahul – Thomas Jacob, Girlfriend – Neha Shaikh, Police officer Vishnu Vayala, Inspector – Phaniteja Mandalapu