Chaar Pandrah (Four Fifteen) – Hindi Drama Short Film | A husband and wife relationship story

BestIndianSeriesMay 10, 2020

This is a Psychological thriller suspense film. Joy is waiting at a Bus Stop for his elder brother. Debashish comes and sits beside Joy. As the discussion goes on it is revealed that Debashish used to serve the Indian Army and presently he is going to New Delhi to bring his wife back. Debashish gets frustrated to know when Joy tells him that the ticket he has is for tomorrow not for today. Joy requested him to go to his house for a night stay and promises him that he will take him back to the bus stop tomorrow at the right time. After consistent efforts from Joy, he agrees to go to Joy’s house. When Joy takes Debashish to his house, Sarika opens the door. They had dinner and chat at night. The next morning, Debashish finds Sarika with him on the bed. He feels guilty as Joy did a great favor for him.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Saif Baidya
Writer: Saif Baidya & Bharat Trivedi
Producer: Ajay G Rai & Vinay G Rai
Music / Sound: Anil Naik
Editor: Dhananjai Sethi
Cinematographer: Shashank Chopra
Actors: Debashish – Abhishek Singh, Joy – Puneet Kumar Mishra, Sarika – Gehna Seth, Hawker -Prashant Yadav

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