Chaturashram (The 4 Stages) – Bengali Drama Short Film

BestIndianSeriesMay 31, 2020

According to the Vedas, the human life is divided into 4 stages (Chaturashram), each coming with specific duties. In a household, a grandfather tells about the 4 stages to his grandchildren, when, oblivious to all, a calendar in the room also listens to the story and starts experiencing first-hand these 4 stages. The film explores how she is brought to terms with the 4 stages, the different facets of human emotions and human relationships that come with them, and above all, family values.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Amritangshu Chakravarty
Writer: Amritangshu Chakravarty
Producer: Dr. Ajit Kumar Chakravarty
Music / Sound: Megh Banerjee
Editor: Amritangshu Chakravarty
Cinematographer: Sourav Dey
Actors: Mun – Hiya Chakraborty, Grandfather – Samir Biswas, Calendar – Madhuchhanda Ghosh Calendar – Sudeshna Das, Boyfriend – Avirup Biswas

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