Hawaa Ki Khidki – A Hindi Romance Short Film

BestIndianSeriesMay 20, 2020

Hawa Ki Khidki is entirely shot on our phone cameras, under lockdown conditions, from our respective homes. This film is about the story of a writer, Hawa Singh, and his connection with an imaginary character, Khidki. It is a relationship between a writer and his imagination, set in a backdrop of poetry. Hawa Singh, being a poet and writer, between his writing sessions often watches Khidki appear in front of him. Khidki here symbolizes ‘the art’, and Hawa – ‘the artist’. She leaves the audience wondering as to whether she is a segment of imagination, an angel, his motivation, or just a symbol of Hawa’s love for art. It is the story of a creative person, whose art is only visible to him, even when the world discounts her very existence.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Himanee and Akhil
Producer: Himanee and Akhil
Writer: Himanee and Akhil
Editor: Himanee and Akhil
Music: Himanee and Akhil
Cinematographer: Himanee and Akhil
Actor: Himanee Bhatia, Akhil