Shwet Rakht (White Blood) – Hindi Drama Short Film

BestIndianSeriesJune 4, 2020

A story of a 13-year-old, daily wage earner’s daughter, Guddi, her love for milk, and her inability to come to terms with his patriarchal family’s hatred towards her. It is the story of a helpless mother who wishes to keep her family happy to the extent of sacrificing her newborn. It is the story of Birju, a landless laborer, who crumbles under the conservative and dated societal norms. The story opens with Guddi yearning for a mouthful of milk and her typical patriarchal poverty-ridden household where the birth of a girl child is supposed to be a curse. She is fast growing up to understand that if her pregnant mother delivers a baby boy, the family can think of spending on something called milk which probably she has never seen or tasted in her consciousness.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: S. R. Mukesh
Writer: Anuradha Malla,S. R. Mukesh
Producer: Kunal Shamshere Malla
Music / Sound: Amit Verma Kapoor
Editor: Birju K Rajak
Cinematographer: Santosh Swarankar
Actors: Birju – Kunal Shamshere Malla, Maa – Dr Vidhu Saxena, Gudiya – Jasmeet Kaur, Daadi – Vimala Dhondiyal, Daadi Maa – Chanda Mumgain

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