The Response – Drama Short Film

BestIndianSeriesJune 7, 2020

A story of a troubled cobbler who gets stuck in a financial crisis with a new master plan coming to the city. He gets unexpected help from a complete stranger just out of the goodness of his heart.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Anurag Verma
Producer: AM productions and Pancham Ved productions
Writer: Anurag Verma
Editor: Ashish Verma, Manvee Nautiyal.
Music: Rituraj Singh
Cinematographer: Rachna Pant, Tushar Gupta, Naveen Joshi.
Actor: Bhola – Dev Sareshwer, R.S. Rawat – Arun Thakur, Bhola’s Wife – Sonia Walia, Bhola’s Daughter – Aahana, Reporter – Swastika