The Traveller – English Sci-Fi Short Film

BestIndianSeriesMay 29, 2020

The Traveller is a film about a mysterious Muslim man, Tariq who moves into a small town in America. He keeps his distance and the neighbors don’t know what to make of him. His strange behavior and exotic appearance raise suspicion amongst the locals. Michael is the only neighbor who embraces his presence. However during an interaction with Tariq, Michael starts to wonder about his new neighbor’s intentions. Tariq asks Michael for a fuse. He is working on a science experiment and needs one to complete his work. Michael has to contend with another neighbor voicing worries about a Muslim moving into a neighborhood. Michael reluctantly gives Tariq a fuse but begins to regret it. The film climaxes in a fantastic sequence of fantasy and science-fiction where we see that Tariq was building a time machine to save his wife and in the process, saved Michael’s wife from a car accident that occurred five years previously. The Traveller is about prejudice and how people are judged by appearance. It shows us that if we took a bit of time to get to know our neighbor, amazing things could be in store for us.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Gareth Kay
Writer: Sashen Naicker
Producer: Sashen Naicker
Music / Sound: Imran Ahmad
Editor: Gareth Kay
Cinematographer: Gareth Kay
Actors: Michael – David R. Roberts, Tariq – Sashen Naicker

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