Wait Until Tomorrow – Hindi Thriller Short Film

BestIndianSeriesJune 15, 2020

Ronit Dixit a successful actor and a supermodel of his time(youth) After few years he was left with no work and no money.he struggles to pay his house rent which led him to Major depression. due to worst conditions of life he turned out to be a major alcoholic that led to destruction of his life….

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Cast & Crew:
Director: karan raj anand
Producer: karan raj anand
Writer: karan raj anand
Editor: kunal ( prime focus )
Music: Shubham Sundaram
Cinematographer: vishal sangwai
Actor: Pratik dixit, Neeraj sharma, monty bagga, nilesh goyal
Executive producers : Swati Bhatt and Harnosh Suraliwala.
Marketing Team : Neelam Lohar, Himanshu Sharma and Ishaan Kamdar