WATCH – Short Film

BestIndianSeriesJune 10, 2020

The film WATCH follows the life of a male stalker. As he is stalking a woman, he takes belongings from her. However, one day he realizes that he left his watch in her car. In an effort to go get his belongings back, he realizes that she has been stalking him this whole time as well.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Sachit Grover
Producer: Sachit Grover
Writer: Sachit Grover
Editor: Kush Patel & Sachit Grover
Music: Free Music from Epidemic Sound (Chosen by Sachit Grover)
Cinematographer: Kush Patel
Actor: Male Stalker – Sachit Grover, Lead Actress – Bhumika Jain, Supporting Actress – Gauree Khattree