Behensplaining | Srishti Dixit & Kusha Kapila review Love Aaj Kal | Netflix India

In this edition of Behensplaining, Srishti Dixit & Kusha Kapila review Love Aaj Kal: a film featuring an extreeeemely तंग Sarah Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda’s moustache, and our favourite, Kartik Aaryan.

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Writer: Pavitra Shetty
Producers: The Rabbit Hole
Editor: Mishaal
Director: Sofia Ashraf

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Bulbbul | Not A Movie Review by Sucharita Tyagi | Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary | Netflix India

Directed and written by Anvita Dutt, Bulbbul is the story of a young girl named Bulbbul who is married off as a child, to a man older than her. With great performances from Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Paoli Dam and Rahul Bose, this @Netflix India film is a uniquely Indian tale that promises what it delivers. Kudos to Clean Slate Films to provide the resources and treatment to create these stories.

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Read Rahul Desai’s review of Bulbbul:

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